On the training of Wangzhuan

today finally have the courage to write this article, first of all to thank my friends for their support, give me encouragement.

see the network of every hue Wangzhuan master over there to promote their skill is how clever, how effective, they created a flourishing popularity. Many have been rated as XXX Wangzhuan master, constantly recruit students, make a be in full swing.

now I’m throwing cold water:

1 if you find ways to make money quickly, would you like to share it with others?

2 if you are really generous and willing to come up with your skills, why do you charge it?

3 received training fees with the time you spend so much time on the training of trainees, if converted into money, which revenue is better?

4 each of you will be a trainee with their own jobs.

5 and some of the techniques that have been published are banned.

above is my basic understanding of the new hope that more reflection.

I’m not aiming at something, just to remind the novice!

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