Billion to three buyers emerge

so far, billion ( on-line two weeks.

in a short span of two weeks, the report is now nearly a hundred million owners to join the site.

recently, after active communication and upstream, against ( three big advertisers have landed against now, invite the following sites: please join the life, music, books, web station station station, station, IT station, maternal digital information station, station, station, area of foreign travel websites

three advertisers introduction: ( the world’s largest Chinese online mall, currently facing the world online shopping population of hundreds of thousands of online sales of merchandise, including books, audio and video, Home Furnishing, cosmetics, jewelry and other dozens of categories of digital products.


network ( formerly known as buyren, has already become the first big shopping portal

fun transit network ( with Sohu to work together, is to serve the Chinese mainland and the world’s leading online professional travel media and value-added service providers. Committed to the global Chinese to provide a comprehensive, colorful tourist route information, the use of rich and innovative forms of expression, to build the industry’s travel agency line supermarket portal.

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