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advertisers: popular world

billing mode: CPA

: monthly settlement Commission

data feedback: two days

payment date:

month end of the month



Beijing popular online Technology Co. Ltd., founded by software experts and domestic communications industry elite had worked for many years in the United States is committed to the development of Silicon Valley, the world’s leading streaming media transmission, content search and release technology. The popularity of the platform development and operation of next generation P2P network, so that each user in different network environment can enjoy high speed, high-quality streaming media services; streaming media content significantly reduce operating threshold, make broadband Internet lifestyle possible.


advantages of this promotional activities:

: excellent advertising creative advertising creative fashion the world in black, red and yellow colors, dazzling fashion, suitable for all types of site delivery.

target audience wide: popular is a completely free BT side look at the software, in line with the needs of the majority of Internet users.

installation fast: popular client only 3.12MB, download and install quickly and easily.



1) is not allowed to change any advertising code, otherwise the effect will not be statistics, can not optimize the code.

2) must be put in the approved domain name, otherwise the effect will not be statistics.


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