A beginner ZDDU project experience

had heard that Hongkong ZIDDU Wangzhuan, has no guts to sit, huh, its execution is not strong. The day before yesterday finally ruthless to do ZIDDU project. Originally thought it was very simple, but in the end to do a lot of feeling ah. Here to write my experience, and share.

first. I am looking for resources to upload to ZIDDU, ZIDDU resources can not upload. I said here is only a big 30M video and. I was at 3 in the morning when the upload. Upload a lot of times did not upload up. Later, anxious, regardless of it. I didn’t sleep at 8 in the morning, and then I tried it again. And fast. Finally, it is concluded that the best time to upload is from 7 a.m. to noon on the day of ZIDDU. I guess it should be the ZIDDU server in the United states.

secondly, I uploaded to the ZIDDU resources are legitimate. Are also some of the station software and video what. But I downloaded a lot in 2 days. As for why so big, of course, is a good publicity, huh, huh, this will give you talk about the method. But 2 days later, I released the download link. Your ZIDDU link is deleted by the user or administrator. I was depressed. I think it hard to advertise things should not be not a penny. Login backstage look, revenue is still. Links are still. I was even more depressed. Finally to the forum exchange, only to know that there are provisions ZIDDU. Estimated that my copyright issue is controversial, the administrator to link to the screen.

finally, I would like to share with you how to promote your ZIDDU link. I don’t recommend cheating. Is not bad, is not like this way. Aside from cheating, in fact, we have more ways to make money. Instead of cheating in the well in a constant state of anxiety, why not do normal flow. Personally feel that everything is so, whether do Wangzhuan or engage in site traffic. Here are some of my own commonly used methods to promote links.

first, our own website, publish resource documents in their own station. For example, my blog resources station.

second, we can go to the forum post. Of course, the best forum. For example, if you upload to the ZIDDU is a tutorial on hackers, then you go to the hacker forum. That’s a lot of people to download. Third, apply for N Baidu space. Then each space you do a topic, paste your link. We can not underestimate the Baidu space. Your Baidu space is literally write something, it is also a large amount of access. Much easier than we do on the website. So, each of you are posted on the topic of some things, a long time, huh, huh, you steal it.

summary, ZIDDU receivables with PAYPAL collection, but also to $10 can be collected. Want to often come to my blog.