A price of 100 thousand yuan online shopping site planning book

Online shopping site planning book

a project.

two. Target market overview

three. Introduction of project characteristics and advantages

    four. Feasibility of project operation

    five. Website construction purpose and business model

    six. Web site development planning and construction progress

    seven. Market and sales


    in the current network society, due to technical reasons, the current freedom of Internet users in the network subject to many restrictions. We might as well the current network world to the development of human society in the history of primitive society, the netizen is in the primitive society of primitive people, a series of acquisition – hunting activities in their capabilities in cyberspace. In the face of these primitive people, we can only consider their behavior in cyberspace in a very simple way of thinking.

    how to attract them to our website for collection – hunting?

    human needs are diverse. According to Maslow of the layered human needs, combined with the characteristics of current social network analysis of the Internet, they are in the real world has solved the most basic physiological needs, including avoiding starvation, avoiding danger, they are pursuing in the virtual space, the diversification demand of higher level.

    how can we meet the needs of Internet users to meet the needs of a high level?

    on the one hand is a simple mode of thinking and behavior, on the one hand is to meet the needs of multi-level diversification. How to combine these two aspects will be the key to the success of our website.

a project.

    "victory online shopping website" is a new form of B2C e-commerce. With the Internet and broadband technology application of mature, and perfect, logistics and payment system can be predicted, e-commerce will become the mainstream of the popularization of Internet application, will affect the lives of thousands of households and economic behavior, and has become an important form of social business activities.

    throughout the domestic Internet e-commerce, taobao.com, 8848 Dangdang and three major portals mall to become the main distribution center of B2C e-commerce sites, by virtue of its advantages of resources, rapid development, occupy most of the share of online retailing in addition, there are still more than 1 thousand small domestic B2C E-commerce the site, size and capacity constraints, the development is slow, difficult to maintain the status quo, said of an aged person, and cruel.