Happy net Cheng Binghao wild road management reflection


happy network founder and Cheng Cheng CEO

introduction: in the happy net most time in the dark, because the relationship of sina, Cheng Binghao and I had a lot of communication, in addition to do reference interview will help him PR market, then it is true happy when playing the most fierce, for Cheng Jingchang too "justice" idea. I said he did not like Chen Yizhou is a businessman, so do very difficult to have a good businessman. Over the past 5 years, although everyone shares bleak but the top listed companies aura, Cheng Binghao has now said to me, you are right, I really can not do.

from the beginning of 2008, every six months or a year, have a chance to talk with Cheng Binghao a few hours, but is not the same interview with other places, which is more like aimless chat, such as weight loss, child education, the importance of teeth etc..

this is a life of the CEO, very serious, confident and with some technical personnel of paranoia, the pursuit of a good lifestyle, such as every point around 10 seems to be able to sleep, and the tide of the Internet in the sleepless entrepreneurial atmosphere misfits.

These benefits are

, happy net and seldom aggressive speculation, with the idea of firm and secure product development, the disadvantages are obviously more conservative, in the early stages of development, in the financial, sales and promotion speed is relatively slow, and SNS showed a downward trend in the Chinese potential, happy net is no longer market darling.

for Cheng Binghao personally, the years of happy net and landing in 2012 to expand the business and transformation, so that he is from simple to do product ideas, and how to manage and run a company. Early happy network management is not doing a good job." Cheng Binghao also seriously reflection.


in 2012 about 2 years time, to see the outside world happy net seems to have stalled, but Cheng Binghao believes that from the inside, happy net has been growing, after all, the world is not how to do a crash course in CEO, the best experience often comes from practice.


Cheng Binghao was born in the suburbs of Beijing, did not go to college, a way to do wild ways of technical management in Sina, these experiences gave him the good psychological quality and confident state, a problem most likely to commit but he had many technical talents of entrepreneurship, is too focused on the product technology itself, while ignoring the important link of the other.

in the happy net popular early, grab spaces and the slave trade hot in a complete mess, it is enough to make the product managers and engineers based team happy for a while, then their logic is continued in accordance with their own ideas to make better products, but on the other hand are not important, even without interest, such as marketing, advertising, business, financial markets and even.

with Cheng Binghao