f you have 1 million of the flow of how to make money

      if I have 1 million traffic, I will sell the secret:

      how do I use 3 months to flow from the 0 to do the sales price of $5000, 1 million of the flow rate, the selection rate of 1/10000 and the income of 500 thousand / day it?.

      by the way of making money:

      1, every day to make notes, is to make notes on the computer every day to search keywords, search for good articles are summarized.

      2, every day to sum up their income statement.

      3, when you can earn 500 thousand times within a year (to be absolutely fair, as long as you learn from anxiety a year, if you earn 50 years is very simple, I began to do network management is the beginning of the 06 year, before SP), then a sales from rookie to master all the learning network. Because this record is gradual, and are practical experience, there is some of the network experience, if you let me back in 2006, I certainly better than now, so others take me 06 years to record in today’s study, so he is equivalent to avoid some detours I 06 years away in order to catch up with us, a large force in the first time.

      4, the network creative sales is my first start, ready to set off a sales climax, it is the experience of sales network, mainly is the sales of a person from novice to master the notes and experience, these things are not on the network that are most in need of a novice what, according to ministry class what are strong.

      5, if you think this is a way that can go to production to sales, last year the city started, only a creative, this kind of experience in sales, an experience is enough to make you from novice to master the income of one million / day.

      6, this is I think many days, interested friends can do, I can offer my study notes to friends in the industry, is a 1000 yuan, also can sell hundreds of years.