Adsense emotion U1TH Union does not send money

U1TH alliance, the product line or lower prices never notice, before doing one of his newspaper software is, line 10 days before I know, ask customer service, said QQ notice, but I searched the QQ chat records could not find this notice, then call the customer service attitude and for people to stroll are also good, and because no release in front of it, hundreds of pieces of no

did his Fetion know what it is before this, the same price of 1.5 yuan, I mainly do the fluctuating alliance, there is my schoolmate, but also a 2, who knows U1TH service Demon (20455697 is QQ) but I must put all the ads have replaced him, I has been refused, but a line is for me a line is looking for me. Finally, I can not stand the pain, but also said to me 2 yuan a, would like to put on a look at

did not want to, up to now have 3 months, last month the money settlement in June, found that 1.5 is still in a clearing, looking for the Simon customer service, said to have financial and financial say, forget, give me up, but he want to deduct the wages, not to have the heart, so I proposed for bonus

this application does not matter, so I have white hair or no audio, send a message to ask, reply is not financial in is not I want to go to a meeting or go to dinner, this one for nearly 40 days past

July began clearing, I also came a few days in advance notice, July money settlement, don’t forget a 2 yuan, I did not reply, to the settlement, it is 1.5 yuan a gas, I was speechless, one asked, said that in June notice beginning in July, unified 1.5 yuan, I want him to find chat, if this notice, all my money in the alliance are not, he has avoided

!I hung up the white

two months, because of the recent busy, to the audit found that less money, ask not answer two questions or not, three… Until the fire, said in July the price, even if often visit the background didn’t find any notice. The customer service call demon, 20455697 is QQ, it is a money owed me! In June, has been delayed, he said the meeting for the day, or is not in the financial, U1TH is a black alliance, is estimated to have run road

found this Simon customer service for more than January, finally do not give money also called me, said to me well enough, give me two dollars a U1TH, since the Alliance for money not reputation, I will not give him a face, you see the true face of the U1TH alliance unless the Simon that customer service! Called goblins (20455697 QQ) has been discharged, otherwise you


requires evidence and chat can contact me, QQ:276937512, please indicate what

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