2012 smile tears by the fingers; 2013 Amoy road for the brave

is now at 12:30 in the evening, since this has been used to do the SEO, these days have been working overtime to 10:30, just come back for a while;

today is the last day of 2013, January and January 31st; time flies, and 2012 have not had time to say goodbye, 2013 has been over a month; in such a quiet night, listening to the sound of the clock ticked away, just look at a second pass, want to call a stop time stop, don’t go so fast… See… Earlier Taobao A5 passenger plate in the A5 held a guest essay, very good activity; yes, 2012 has passed, whether 2012 is bitter is sweet, is a little sad or happy a little more than 2012, has become the past, we ushered in the new 2013 2013, let that continue our unfinished Amoy dream!

pour a cup of hot water, looking out the window of heavy traffic in the city, sit quietly, record 2012 this year with Taobao customers that indissoluble bound;

SEO a year and a half, SEO executives and how, still only enough to live, buy a car for me is still a dream!

is now in 2013, according to the past remember June 28, 2011 I know the SEO industry, and deeply attracted me, then get out of hand, to SEO after his with an air almost of idiocy; hard self-study and make friends, finally found a chain of Commissioners, according to the past remember received a 1500 wage the first month, the night didn’t sleep I’m happy, not because of how high wages, but again I believe that SEO is really amazing, SEO really can become the occupation, is able to feed my own; although I do broadband installation when wages are only about 1500, but at that time very much tired, if you have seen the broadband Unicom installer that actually installed root broadband is not easy, some houses without cable, we also need to take the pipe cable, and if a building exchange For less, we even have to always pull from the 30 floor to the first floor, which is not easy to remember in Dongguan Unicom broadband agents stem this live, every day is to carry a kit, riding a broken bicycle everywhere, then as long as the customer is not on the network to a client’s home run sometimes, although not on the network just because the customer is the card to the ban, or cable is not plugged in, but I can not say, because the customer is our God, I have to serve it, otherwise I will have to leave, when a person wandering in a strange city, you will deeply appreciate, want to make a difference in a city, live is the first thing you have to do, because only survive, you have to struggle, I deeply understand this truth. So when I get through the chain of the first month of income, I feel very happy, because although the salary is not much, but this work process, work environment is very love me, because I don’t need to go out to communicate with the customer, do not look at the other people, in.