Dark horse about Zhou Jie time and Spring Festival week payment notice


Hello everyone!

dark horse alliance Zhou Zhou’s products are:

1, skype

2, uusee

3, PPS Network TV (the product from March 1st to 08 years from the end of the month to the junction)

The settlement cycle of the

week is: from the last natural Monday to the next natural Sunday (for example, 18-2 February 24 for a settlement cycle)

The settlement date of the

week is: every Monday to Tuesday for the settlement of the work, every Friday before the payment is completed, members on Thursday or Friday last week to check whether the settlement commission can be reached.

note: pay 500 yuan a week before Friday. Month less than 500 yuan, but full of $50 in the first four weeks of the week settlement payment.

during the Spring Festival holiday three weeks of pay settlement payment has finished, please check! Not remit the money for the bank card background information is incorrect, please contact a member does not receive the horse service.

the remittance respectively for the following period of the week node and at least 50 yuan month under 500 yuan a month.

08 years from January 28th to February 3rd

08 years from February 4th to February 10th

08 years from February 11th to February 17th

07 December 1st to 08

in February 3rd

dark horse alliance


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