70 tabloid fifty thousand how to make a 250 million company

introduction startups focused on solving a problem, a segment of the market and have an operational prototype. These are more attractive.


how to invest $50 thousand into a $250 million company

4 years ago, the start-up business incubator Startups partner Dave McClure $50 thousand to invest in the new venture capital Wildfire company. The company helps other companies to do marketing on Facebook and Twitter. Last summer, Google bought the company for $250 million. McClure and 500 Startups make a big deal.

how did he do that? What is his investment philosophy, the following may be enlightening for you:

· McClure divides 30% of its money into a small share of the money invested in a number of small companies. And then use the remaining 70% of the funds to invest twice in the next six months there are attractive start-ups.

· he is willing to invest "singles" instead of "home run". Startups focus on solving a problem, a market segment and having an operational prototype. These are more attractive.

· in his company, if a company is doomed to fail, he will try his best to make it fail quickly.

virtual assistant services Zirtual financing $2 million

wants to have a private secretary who has always been regarded as a luxury. But Zirtual wants to make it simple and affordable. Most of Zirtual’s customers are busy professionals or small business owners. Most of its virtual assistants are college students. These virtual assistants can help customers determine the meeting schedule, booking tickets, or do some research on data collection.

needs to hire an assistant’s client to pay between $197 and $997 a month, in which the assistant is divided into a total of $50%. Compared with TaskRabbit, the client’s assistant is a long-term service, so you don’t have to deal with strangers all the time.

Zirtual investors also include Zappos’s CEO Xie Jiahua.

Tablet PC retail conversion rate of about 18.3% smartphone only 3.6%

from the Kenshoo research report shows that in the UK retailers pay search click, from the tablet PC accounted for 18% of the amount of smart phones about 13%.

The conversion rate of

tablet can reach 18.3%