Can not say to make money thirteen secret

diagram: some people turn a blind eye, some people do, some people know. The way to success: do not care about, but care about. Life is richer, because of contentment, can also originated from intellectual enrichment. The knowledge economy society, "talent" is "money". The 13 step of getting rich is Napoleon, who spent the last 25 years studying the essence of the heart method and method of hundreds of successful people. The 13 steps are as follows:

1 desire

dream through the strong and clear desire, into practical action, can be achieved. The more you ask for life, the richer it will bring to you.

diagram: 2 confidence

confidence can fill the mind. You can drive strong and powerful self-confidence, raise yourself to the infinite peak.

diagram: 3 self suggestion

to achieve amazing results, you must mobilize the deepest part of your consciousness to work for you. The combination of emotion and strength is the most powerful combination.

diagram: 4 professional knowledge

knowledge is only a potential power, but the organization into a clear plan of action, knowledge can be transformed into real power. Follow the plan, and you don’t have to start from the grassroots.

diagram: 5 imagination

the opportunity you need is always in your imagination. "Imagination" is the processing of your consciousness, which can transform your consciousness energy into wealth and achievement.

diagram: 6 organized plan


collection together business partners, work together to strive for the ideal. Use your leadership skills to make big money in the short term.

diagram: 7 Determination

said thousands and thousands of words a practical action is not. A person who is quick to make decisions and knows what he wants, usually gets what he wants.

diagram: 8


the enemy between you and great achievements is the lack of willpower. Brave look enough to overcome the shortcomings of the reason of perseverance.

diagram: 9 the power of the think tank

organized, intelligent knowledge is power, it can promote the plan to create wealth and wealth accumulation. Think tanks can provide this power.

diagram: 10 mysterious

of sexual transfer

desire for sex can be sublimated into other forms of desire and action, which can enhance the human to the realm of extraordinary.

diagram: 11 subconscious

If the sleeping giant

consciousness, the giants are ready to support you.