How to determine the Adsense invalid click worry

  Google AdSense when you are right will tell "because our surveillance system involving patents, so we cannot disclose any details about these clicks." But, any one is right AdSense website publisher It is without rhyme or reason. will want to know what is the reason to be penalized, China webmaster to make the right judgment of the public, spent a lot of effort and money to improve Google AdSense.

Google why not announced invalid clicks and suspension for the sake of it, the main reason is in addition to the patent, not to let people take advantage of tricks may also be one of the reasons. How to judge if announced invalid clicks, the right way, there will be a specified amount, as long as it does not exceed the amount, the invalid clicks and suspension will not set up, want to earn income one person to. Take the BlogAd blog ad network as an example, BlogAd clear account suspension for several reasons:

– a day using the same IP click on the ads more than 3 times and the total of more than 3 days;

– within one month of the same IP click on the ads more than 10 times;

– a day is similar to IP click on the ads more than 3 times and a total of more than 3 days.

these three provisions are directly on their click part, we can know by regulations, web publishers can click on their own advertising on the site up to 9 times and will not be penalized in a month, but will be scattered in a few days, do not focus on the same day. Of course, Simon is not encouraging you to click on the ads in their own site, but the point of how to determine the situation will be used to determine the situation. You might think 9 hits can earn much profit for you, why take the risk of being suspended. Right click on BlogAd compared with Google revenue AdSense was very low, AdSense ad click one has up to hundreds of dollars, if there are 9 hits are not penalized the opportunity, who can guarantee the network publisher not to click on the ads on their own website.

if you are vicious competition reputable website, no visitors, no malicious click competitors, these invalid clicks and suspension judgment are not needed, but the reality is not like this. Published or not published judgment mechanism can only be said to be good, but there are disadvantages, there will be no impact on what can be predicted, it depends on the wisdom of each advertising alliance to determine and deal with.