Six recommendations for mobile nternet startups

at the Mobilize 2011 conference has a lot of mobile Internet Co executives, they not only discuss their products also share in the development of applications and services learned. GigaOM picked out their six new recommendations for mobile Internet Co, respectively, from Pandora, Flipboard, Instagram, Hipmunk, Formspring, Grey Area and other well-known companies.

1 is not necessary to choose HTML5 or native applications, the two have to do

Pandora is using a hybrid approach to meet its growing music streaming service sites and applications, and this approach is not a single. Pandora launched a HTML5 based web site last week, and its chief technology officer, Tom Conrad, said he understood the company’s development of a hybrid HTML5 native application. Conrad also said that this is the existing technology to get the best way to best of both worlds, "this way you can put OS system with very high performance and very smooth user experience combined. However, some of the unified platform for dynamic and rapid development of the user interface for the development of HTML5 content is a combination of the first time."


2 small step fast, fast iterative

Instagram (users grew from zero to 10 million in a year) spent a lot of time on the release of their photo app and last week’s first major update. But its CEO Kevin Systrom will not show off this achievement. He said: "you can choose to do relatively little time with less time than the Instagram has waited for a long time to release important updates. It took us a long time to make the 2 version, which is not a mistake. But I want to make it possible for us to repeat a few smaller things faster, because I think if you’re in a very rhythmic release, you’ll end up making more progress at the end of the day."


3 design application prototype

mobile travel search start-up company Hipmunk CEO Danilo Campos made his about how not to waste time developers the best advice: "the design of the prototype can you release from the rescue application of garbage. Prototype allows you to invest in a large number of resources without the premise of touch the application before you. It allows you to develop an application in the afternoon, rather than spend several weeks and then find that the application is not good."

4 human intervention is very important