An angel investor entrepreneurial success in the eyes of the law


writer is Jinliang Business Consulting Co. Ltd. founder Xie Hongzhong

I am

from college for the first time with the entrepreneurial venture, the friends, twenty years of entrepreneurial experience four, have both successes and failures. Since 2011 to enter the field of venture capital, engaged in angel investment and business incubation, and investment circles of the parties have extensive exchanges, contact with a large number of entrepreneurs, investment and guidance of a number of entrepreneurial enterprises.

in the process of engaging in angel investment and entrepreneurship incubator work, occasionally found some exciting entrepreneurial projects, most of the time, see entrepreneurs are enthusiastic, but their entrepreneurial ideas from the "reliable" two words. From the successful financing and entrepreneurial success distance away. Entrepreneurs often make some mistakes, combined with the characteristics of science and technology and the Internet industry, I summed up the following entrepreneurial experience, called it an angel investor entrepreneurial success in the eyes of the law".

I know that there is no success, but also believe that these commonalities are at least suitable for grassroots entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs can help reduce the cost of exploration, less detours.

one, the platform is refined out of the

Zhou Honghui once said, who said I do is the platform, your family is doing the platform". Platform is refined out, not to take out, the user is more than a platform is not a platform, there is no user called platform is not a platform. For example, QQ and 360. The first is a chat tool, a system of inspection and protection tool, with more people, who can say that they are not the platform? Do those hundreds of nominal platform business projects is not easy to be optimistic about the angel investors.

in any field, the platform needs only one, not even one. If we are to take the stand, in the end who is the theater? Take the stage are often the dominant party or government projects. Entrepreneurs should position themselves is a circus, even is an actor, is to show a good game, is to face the audience. The play is good, why not go to where the table


a good application of the product, it will have the ability to quickly spread, the user continues to grow. With the user base, and then based on the core functionality of the product development of some related applications, naturally created a platform. Start-up companies, focusing on the application, based on the product, to put the matter behind the platform.

two, entrepreneurs can not just engineering

some of the entrepreneur’s business plan is like a product manager’s product planning book, talking about the content only stay in the project construction period, which is not enough. Construction of a project is not easy, but it is difficult to operate a project. Entrepreneurship, rather than to create or develop a product, it is better to promote and operate a product. It takes only a few seconds to produce a idea