Look at the network can be implemented immediately profitable project analysis

this is so far I know and understand a number of common in the operation of the project, summary analysis here, I hope to have a new idea and direction of the new friends, you can take a little detour. Every day there are new friends to join the forum, whether it is new or contact the network for a long time, is to learn to earn money through this platform. If you are a veteran, it can be said that almost all experienced some toil and project did not make money, or have been cheated, but if the novice had never experienced disappointment or cheated, may not realize a formal responsible training team is more important to you, so also hope that new cherish here in the learning environment and communication the environment.

teacher said, the development of electronic commerce will be implemented in the sale of goods, including some of us advertising alliance click registration, also indirectly help improve their visibility in the advertisers to buy, but for us, on the meager income. So here to share the money is to make money on the Internet as an essential foundation, is the ability to build the site, through their own website for publicity, the following are also required to achieve through the website.

one to advertise for the purpose of the union station. This station can be made into many categories, mainly to see you do advertising category. The best associated with the site content, will produce better results. For example, the movie station, can also download the player is the CPA class, can play the game window, click on the can do.

the development and benefits of such stations: advertising alliance, traffic is a very important factor, a lot of people are not going to engage in traffic, do not make money or give up. Secondly, deduct the amount of advertising alliance is becoming increasingly serious, and even reached 50%, if the actual post promotion that day really do not have enough time to do some CPS. There are a lot of temptation to do the page, do not get involved in the content of prohibited information not only the space is closed may also involve legal responsibility. At the same time we open online a lot of false advertising will see, almost all of the publicity on the advertising alliance earn hundreds from the principle, every day there are many novice fooled, from the long-term perspective through advertising alliance is really difficult to make a lot of money. Do relatively stable every day in more than a dozen dollars. If you stay in advertising alliance station movie station this kind of project, I think we can learn under the "reverse thinking method" movie station used to extend to other projects will bring greater profits, such as Amoy, bidding, Taobao stores are more valuable, here person does not recommend stay in advertising alliance on.

two, do a single page Taobao guest website

this is a guest to do at the beginning of last year’s fire, combined with the SEO to do the ranking obtained passive income. For example, are known to lose weight, breast enhancement effect of Taobao products, this way we can now do, of course, for the long tail word has to spend more effort, because these goods are very competitive, you must first go to the relatively high commission of goods less competitive, the competition is not found >