The pain of the start up electricity supplier funds banks difficult to keep up with

2012 Global Conference on network operators, financial theme of the forum appeared again on the agenda. For the start-up electricity supplier, the removal of interest rates, most of the start-up electricity supplier because of mortgage issues, credit qualification and other deeper issues can not get bank credit. And at this stage of the bank loan business regardless of the amount of loans, the speed or coverage, but also can not meet the needs of the new electricity supplier.

Tucao: electricity supplier loan pain

"it was really difficult for me to think the bank gave us timely assistance." The 2012 Global Conference on network operators, scarf sellers "eland" shopkeeper Zhang Linlin in the face of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of Chinese and Citigroup’s guest representative so tucao. This store sales of nearly 100 million Taobao sellers, early entrepreneurs suffered from lack of money. Each time before the event, she had to go around with friends and even chipped, house and car mortgaged to the bank.

AUX air official flagship store manager Yao Bibo Tucao also bitter. Last year, AUX made a million people to buy, but because of mortgage and interest rates, and ultimately find the four major commercial banks did not lend money. Ultimately, he can only rely on the cooperation of manufacturers and their own solution to 10 million of the funding gap.

The scene in the

network to the general assembly, this Tucao a few small and medium sized businesses. Alibaba group survey data shows, at present Small and micro businesses Midwest over 40% because of a shortage of funds and weak orders, there are 73% Small and micro businesses currently have financing needs, but 69% of the Midwest Small and micro businesses mainly through friends and relatives to borrow to finance.

for these small micro electricity supplier, has become the most commonly used methods for the shortage of funds to fight contacts. Although many companies have tried to bank loans, but the removal of interest rates, most of the start-up electricity supplier will be due to mortgage issues, credit qualification and other deeper issues can not be bank credit. More business only through higher interest rates to contribute to the third party guarantee.

credit system has not yet been established

"we trust a crown or three crown shop in the end how much money?" the general assembly site, the president of the association of Suichang shop to the bank on behalf of the three banks to throw this issue.

for small and micro start-up electricity supplier, access to the bank’s trust and attention has become the most difficult problem at the present stage of the loan. Current electricity supplier industry and not forming dragons and fishes jumbled together credit qualification system also allows the bank is in the business enterprise credit is very cautious.

in the mortgage sector, due to the third party warehouse is very limited by the domestic bank certification, electricity supplier start-up companies stored in the storage of goods in the third party often can not become collateral. And by the founder of the personal assets of the mortgage, the loan amount can be achieved is an utterly inadequate measure. Yao Bibo last year, the people’s Congress to buy the event encountered such a problem. Although Yao Bibo’s goods from 2011 have all entered the Taobao logistics treasure warehouse, but the bank does not certified logistics treasure warehouse, so these goods can not be a collateral. >