Do sell 10 thousand dollars for this idea

I like planning, extremely sensitive to the market, but a lot of creativity but no money to implement, although there is no difficult to make a big team of funds. They often have good ideas, so put a waste, who are able to hope that the rich world by my creative. Of course, such as to cooperate together that will make a living away from home a lot less lonely.

              Beijing road.Com

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                look at the name of the project you will know this is what to do, we know that in Guangzhou we want to buy computer will be first on the Pacific computer network, will buy a car to car website, buy a mobile phone to the mobile phone network to sell Bei Dou. What people will to Taobao Alibaba, etc.. These are combined with the advantages of both traditional and Internet to do. But we have not found the largest commercial street in Guangzhou, how do you do not have a Beijing road.Com? Well, at least I asked Baidu.

                in fact, I think a lot of people will think of this! But the key is a very different way of thinking in the operation.

                we know that women earn money best, look at the Beijing Road, you know, everyone is full, but most are women, wow look at hundreds of thousands of people a shot is really scary. Whether it is usual or six days of interest that people have not broken the opportunity, no wonder people a CY store rent a month to be 300 thousand. In fact, as well as the Internet, there are people who do not have money to earn money?

                analyze the market weakness demand

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                  we now know that most women go shopping is basically a day on Saturday, and although many ordinary people but also a lot more than six days of interest, which means that people seldom have time to go shopping. And of course a lot of people in this part of the crowd is not senior white-collar workers, but wages in the 2000-3000 population, which some people are in high demand on the price and brand, I in fact women’s eyes are the most discerning, not only fashionable and the price is right, but if the most important brand. This form of shopping culture, we often see not to buy that clothes, die also psychological cool, go numb legs can still with open hearted enjoyment of the psychological. As for >

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