Wangzhuan ndustry Bureau of deep sea induced novice do not covet so rich

Wangzhuan people passive income, can let a person month million yuan, this is true. Some people have a 2-3 webmaster can rely on the sale of dozens of advertising monthly income of million yuan, Taobao customers, the pursuit of high profits products, daily turnover of 2 list, basically can achieve million income…… Wangzhuan so considerable market, many people delight many people crazy.

but on the other hand, the fierce competition, also let many people were forced to withdraw from the industry, the embarrassment and situation can only make a lot of people can not adhere to. This does not, the two day of small QQ Wangzhuan group, many grassroots stations grew up spit ink: Wangzhuan industry, an unknown industry, investment is not rewarded, is really an industry to eat people do not spit the bones.

everyone complain is not without reason, the vast majority of Wangzhuan novice to join the industry, basically are in a number of forums, blog Wangzhuan Wangzhuan soft induction, and embrace the Wangzhuan industry. In fact, a lot of Wangzhuan forum and blog master work, not necessarily to the new guidelines an effective a way of earning money. What do they do? They may be doing SEO, get rankings, and then induce steady traffic, and then sell them to advertisers who want to hang out. In a sense, this was originally an effective way to make money online through personal webmaster, but it may be brought to the novice a deceptive induction.

try to understand you, it is not difficult to find, many Wangzhuan forums and blogs to share something seemingly effective way to make money network, trustworthy network project, in fact, is either outdated or coaxed bureau. Just a few days ago, the pioneer to patronize a popular advertising forum, held nearly 150, according to the calculation of 200 yuan / month, can predict the forum hosts a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan. What a huge industry, but careful study you will find that so many advertising is nothing more than he or they induced by novice to join the team, pay to do the VIP, they will give you the project, teach you to make money online, and he will tell you how to easily create a monthly income of million machines.

try to understand one of the so-called "grey 2012 day to earn $50 project, a pioneer suddenly put it out on the click I wrote, this article" grey day in my eyes to earn $50 project ", pointed out that the inside of the scam.

Wangzhuan industry such profits, naturally aroused the prosperity of Wangzhuan training. From various forums Wangzhuan soft promotion, to induce new use QQ group promotion to get you free VIP membership, is a means of promotion Wangzhuan training team. So, some of the team on the network propaganda is crazy, the number of teams is less than 1000 people, more than 20 thousand people. Such a large team, a few can make money? Did not join the novice, naturally eager, not 300 yuan VIP? May not seem like much, but the training team members up to 1000 people, you can calculate the number 300 thousand! If the number 20 thousand, will be 3 million! What a boiling number! "

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