College entrance examination has just finished with the experience of individual Taobao ranked stati

a few months ago, I just graduated from high school, went to a computer training course to learn web design, for CSS, DIV and other web elements I am learning from scratch, relative to those made for web friends, my starting point is very low, but I do not give up on the pursuit of a Wangzhuan, 2011 classic quotations: Internet rumors would break the head broken and bleeding the road you want to walk, not law-abiding mediocre life if you fail, don’t be depressed, bold smile. Then, a few months ago, I went to a moving company to start my career, I want to use their own labor, in exchange for the first station to do their own operating funds, this job can be said to be very hard, that was just graduating from high school, has not been fully physical development, physical strength there is no way and that is engaged in physical labor in adults, we mainly do is take the truck loaded with anti goods into the warehouse, a large sacks of goods about 150 pounds, I was always tired sweating to move to the warehouse in a bag. All this is my persistence in the past, a month later, I got my first salary 1500 yuan. At that time, I was very excited, and finally can start their own website production.

site has a high quality the chain stability is very important in the whole process of SEO, after all, do most of Chinese website is for Baidu search engine, content is king, the chain for the emperor, not only need a large number of original articles. Let Baidu positioning your site is a source of high quality of the chain resources, we still need a lot of stable, I spent 80 yuan to buy a depressed three months ago, in three months the keyword has been on the Baidu home page, the station in the process of experience to share with everyone.

1.80 yuan to buy a domain name with a chain of 1000

in reading, I often focus on some Adsense nets, such as: A5. I have some preliminary understanding of SEO, know that the chain of a domain name is very useful for ranking, so I do not directly register a new domain name, but to find a domain name business stationmaster forum, spent 80 yuan to buy a domain name transfer. At that time the registrar is abroad, for English is not very familiar to me, is to sell the domain name to help my friends to operate. Thank him very much.

2 took a day to modify the site template


is very particular on the website template, if you are using a very widespread template, often do not give you a good weight evaluation, just inside the computer training course in the first few months, I study a part of the HTML code and DIV+CSS syntax, so I find a CMS website template delete the redundant code, and then the structural re adjustment, basically changed with the default web site template recognition.

Buy a

3 line speed VPS

because the domain name was not recorded, most of the domestic space and services >

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