Tencent entrepreneurial training camp Wang Xiaochuan summed up the three principles of entrepreneurs

Abstract to do good use of products, adhere to the technology oriented, the use of capital and to find suitable for their own company’s management system, is the principle of Wang Xiaochuan summed up.


technology news in September 27th, the first Tencent entrepreneurial training camp held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, tour family network COO Chen Libiao, said the market operations director Qin is fluent in English and meteor audience share their experience.

Wang Xiaochuan believes that the entrepreneurial process needs to always treat themselves as an entrepreneur, to keep the heart. "Entrepreneurship is that we have a common belief and trust each other." Based on the successful experience of the development of Sogou, Wang Xiaochuan summed up the three principles should be followed by entrepreneurship.

first, do a good product, the user can talk about valuable things. Wang Xiaochuan, the first Sogou input method from a user’s suggestion, namely the use of a thesaurus as the input method of search engine, for Sogou input method this proposal development ultimately laid the cornerstone of success. Wang Xiaochuan believes that there is no respect for the user, there is no Sogou today, which is his advice to all entrepreneurs.

second, we must adhere to the technology oriented. According to reports, Sogou a total of 2100 employees, of which 82% are R & D personnel, Sogou no technical support for all the three carriages.

third, the use of capital and to find suitable for their own management system, which is the key to the success of entrepreneurship. In the management system, Sogou and Sohu with different systems. In terms of capital, Sogou has been introduced into the development of Ali investment, and two years after the repurchase, Ali also received a return on investment. 2013 Sogou introduction of Tencent $448 million strategic investment, powerful together, so that the new Sogou new.

and Wang Xiaochuan cultivate the Internet ten years, compared to the past 5 years to do A shares listed on the company’s gaming network tour reflects the current new entrepreneurial thinking. Tour family network COO Chen Libiao believes that entrepreneurs need to choose the industry, sustainable use of resources".

Chen stressed that the main support for the role of chen. In the process of development, Tencent to provide cloud family travel data analysis, which can more accurately grasp the user, thus have a clear goal in decision making, and its products on the open platform, the tour family to get one hundred million traffic revenue.

fluent in English for the application of said Apple AppStore education ranked first class in APP, its market operations director Qin meteor also stressed the great support and Tencent application treasure cooperation for the company to bring.

in fact, Tencent to Tencent, Tencent and the cloud point through a wide open platform three engines, to help entrepreneurs grow. Tencent cloud solutions technical support, market anticipation and financial resources three problems, wide point effect of marketing Tencent, open platform to support traffic distribution.

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