After the market venture thousand QQ group on the exchange of successful experiences

08 years of the financial tsunami, the world jittery. The more than and 20 year old youth, to market trends in the business, it seems more difficult. But many of the "80" is taking advantage of this opportunity to start against the market trend, they call this: "dead fish, fish have to eat ah!"

"to the financial tsunami," big fish "dead," little fish "to eat some, let us discuss the ‘entrepreneurship through’!" Yesterday, the reporter in a "Tianhe City small shops alliance QQ group noted that the work" ELSTE "at the end of last year has just established business group, now has 22 friends to join, and uniform for" 80 ", more than half of them have been in the year when the CIS" small boss".

"ELSTE" said that he is a general income of workers, work for more than two years of savings only about twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, always wanted out of their business, but because the rent is expensive and has failed to complete the wish. However, at the end of last year hit the financial tsunami, so she rekindled the idea.

"ELSTE" first said: "I have investigated the main consumer groups in Beijing on the road, the age between 16 to 30 years old, if not for the floor, they will not save money, before the market or everyone ‘together’ home, now the property market is not good, no money to buy, consumption even higher."

than traditional stores, more "80" young people choose to open lower cost, less risk of the shop. This year, 25 year old Vivi is one of them. Prior to the translation of the "Vivi" in Beijing is a standard white-collar workers, but in Guangzhou, she, a year from Beijing to Guangzhou dozens of times. 6000 yuan monthly income, spend money on account for half of last year, hit the financial tsunami, the company cut 10%, more money is not used. Last November, she was determined to return to Guangzhou opened a shop.

"it is easy to start setting difficult ah!" ".

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