Record the transaction experience of the website analyze the psychology of the buyer

on a personal Adsense to sell a few points, attention, cause a lot of webmaster resonance. The recent site trading experience let me want to share with you, in order to avoid the loss of the future of the transaction due return. I still stick to my point of view, personal webmaster is not easy, but also very talented, please respect the personal achievements of the work of the station.

long ago in the webmaster nets released a website to sell information  in order to save time, direct price tag, the price is after careful consideration of the multiple assessment results. Because someone has to buy this price before, but after a variety of reasons failed to clinch a deal. So the price is basically in line with the value of the site.


, there are a few plus my QQ for consultation, before a few people are simply asking prices and other basic content to go. In fact, when I wrote in a message is very clear or to ask one at QQ, obviously not the real buyers, just want to QQ tentatively ask whether the actual price will be lower than the price in the post, my reply is relatively strong. Such buyers are holding the mentality of picking up cheap, their estimates of the value of the site, hoping to buy a lot of value below the price, and then try to sell. May not be interested in the site itself, so when asked the price disappeared.

second day met a sincere buyers, from the conversation can feel to the website very interested, dedicated to do statistical analysis, after the bargaining process can be let me very angry. Because I have a shot based on the psychological price is much lower than the price, so the price is already very good value, the results of each other directly according to my cheap price for my 60 percent off return, citing a variety of reasons to maintain his price. As engaged in sales for many years I naturally understand his ideas, and in the Internet industry for so long to be more aware of the value of my own website, so I would never want to talk back directly.

third days met the real buyers, see the information is Chengdu, not too much talk has been talking about, I can feel he is trying to make this website do down from his conversation, because people in Chengdu, I have no reservation directly to what he was, the follow-up work is the Taobao deal and then transfer the domain name.

fourth days, has begun to apply for domain name transfer procedures, before the buyer has to find a buyer for second days, I’m sorry, has sold the reply did not talk about it.

fifth days before the buyers find I want to get this website or contact the buyers want to buy back, or on the basis of the original price that I sold to him. "I’m sorry, the deal is over, it’s not convenient to contact him. Each other in payment have been traded, "can’t promise and then deny in succession this sentence rejected.

analysis of the buyer’s psychology, obviously

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