Novice guide Google Adsense payment process detailed

payment process there are two revenue points need to pay attention to, one is $10, one is $100.

$.10, confirm account information

when your income reaches $10, the system will automatically send you a PIN code, and notify you to confirm the phone, you can also choose to pay the way. Since there is a payment reservation item in your account, you will see a pink prompt box that will see the "operation" after you click on it, which means you have not yet settled the payment retention item. When the payment of all items to be retained, the pink prompt box will disappear.


in the online form submitted by the publisher, we found that many publishers on PIN code and telephone confirmation process has many questions, we also explain here in detail.

– telephone confirmation process:

-> revenue reached $10

-> system call confirmation

-> login account, click the required operation to enter the phone confirmation page


-> input the phone number mobile phone, landline, without the country code 86, can not have the extension

-> click "send code to phone"

-> answer the phone and write down the verification code

-> enter the verification code on the confirmation page

– PIN code related issues:

PIN code using the Chinese name and address in the account

PIN code is sent by

from America

publishers in the account retransmission 2 PIN code

PIN code issued 4 months after the publisher has not yet confirmed, the system will automatically display public service ads, PIN code will automatically recover after confirmation.

if the 3 PIN code is not received, you can fill in the online form, provided:

1) ID card number and original scan

2) a valid document scan sent to the address of the account, such as credit card bills, water and electricity bills, bills of exchange, etc.

two.100 USD, payment

If you follow the

process to complete all the required operation, release all payment retained when your account balance reaches $$100, we will be in the next month to the end of the month you send the payment. For example, if you in February revenue reached $$100 in March, we will send you the end of the month payment.

you can log on to your account and click "view payment history"

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