Millet bracelet will be entrepreneurs are forced into the dead end

obviously, the circle of friends are millet scraper, of course is mainly because the 79 yuan bracelet. Plus a variety of wearable devices group is basically the case, we all understand. Smart bracelet, after gradually questioned 2013, generally applauded the first half of 2014, finally today came to a turning point, but also verify the spread of more than half a year of hearsay is true.

so many entrepreneurial team how to do it really a little trouble, I heard that there have been a large number of Bracelet brand began to retreat, I believe most people will be difficult. Obviously for this industry, most people have begun to sing bad, for example, I have received at least 5 friends sent me a message that we give up the smart bracelet is a wise decision. Well, I can stand in the position of a spectator to judge the matter.

millet bracelet is not the end but the beginning of

but I really do not think millet bracelet is a bad thing for entrepreneurs, the situation is just the opposite.

before the millet, many domestic Bracelet team has done very well, both from the hardware work or product experience, has already reached a very good level, even completely inferior to foreign brands. Perhaps there are many problems to be solved, but I think the biggest problem is the market education.

yes, market education, which determines the size of the cake and the growth rate of the industry.

is the entrepreneurial team is to grab millet cake? I don’t think so. Because the cake for the moment, it is too small, if the cake has always been so large, I think the entrepreneurial team does not do. Therefore, the industry urgently needs a market educator, such as Apple’s smartphone education. For now, millet in terms of smart wristbands do good. The product looks good, the price is hard enough, but from all aspects of marketing, there are not too many can be picky, the country seems to be able to do this only millet, this we have to admit.

so, Millet’s entry will accelerate the further maturity of the entire market, accelerate consumer awareness of the smart bracelet, which is an inevitable result.

is not a brand can take

if we admit that the cake is coming quickly growing trend, but can you imagine Mandaijie hand millet bracelet bracelet? How much is the identity function, so it is not possible. Often what happens is, "Hey! Xiao Liang bought a millet Bracelet… By 79 yuan, grass root too!! I have to buy a a (Zhuang) of (BI)


so, this explains why millet bracelet is listed on the other hand, but also the opportunity of the bracelet team. It has always been the logic that if you can’t be a good market educator, the emergence of another great market educator will give you more opportunities. Even we should