KakaoTalk revelation from selling games to selling content

review selling content far less than selling game profits high, but sales in the digital content, the market is far from the development of forming.


When the

communication application of the KaKaoTalk gaming platform for the benefit of many South Korean mobile game developers, the latest content platform for the sale of KakaoPage can help the production of media content also tasted the sweetness? It is also a new topic to look forward to.

although it is foreseeable that the content is far less than the sale of high profit selling games. But in terms of digital content sales, the market is far from forming. Perhaps Kakao’s attempt to drive the market forward a few steps forward.

Why is it difficult to build

digital content channels

KaKao in the launch of digital content production and sale channel KakaoPage said that within three years, this platform will produce more than 1 million profitable partners. This is a great plan. Rely on their own 70 million users, in the context of the successful establishment of the game platform, the value of the channel is full of natural, but it also faces some challenges:

• product content experience requires high. Unlike simple browsing, allowing users to further reading a magazine or a book, facing a number of product experience details, such as typesetting, flip, comments, tags, synchronization functions such as whether or not smooth. Since the Kakao itself provides content production platform, the third party to use the background editor is convenient, the release process is simple and so are the problems need to be solved.

product pricing standards vary. Different from the traditional content sale, there is a great disparity in the pricing of digital content both abroad and at home. What kind of price is recognized by the reader, the copyright side and the channel between the views are often inconsistent. Readers are often confused.

pay strict control of apple. Due to the control of apple or Google (micro-blog) at the system level channels, want to build a digital content sales channels outside the AppStore, Apple has very strict standards. A slight mistake, the product or will face the risk of the shelf. For example, apple is not allowed in applying the provisions to provide links to applications outside the purchase channels, which means that all applications, including magazines, newspapers, books, music and audio payment must go to Apple’s AppStore channel.

content marketing needs planning and packaging. Since the publication of the channel as provided by Kindle, although the individual can bypass the third party press direct selling content, but did not have great originality to marketing planning, in the multitude of digital content, want to let readers found and are willing to buy, the driving force is still insufficient.

In fact,

only in terms of the sale of digital content channels itself, although the music and e-books after a long