Searching three months to create a monthly income of over a million Taobao guest website

Hello, I’m searching, some time ago wrote an article with SEO way to do the Taobao article, are not interested in Taobao guest friends add me as friend, this let me know a lot of friends here, I wrote my ideas in some detail the operation process, and share with you, the article in my QQ space, interested friends can see to my space. My QQ is 271542542.

I do Taobao off, reason is that I have no intention of contact in the process of doing shop dealers in the way of feeling this money or good have some understanding, after the systematic study of the SEO thought to do Taobao off the way with SEO, when the idea of the think of this method should be useful! Just try holding the mentality to do, mainly is to validate my idea is not correct.

remember that at the beginning of product selection, but also want to do those profits, to what weight loss products, but there are so many people doing that, he didn’t have much advantage, certainly not compete with the master, I just want to do a classification, in the choice of products it is also from the Ali Mama single product catalog to find, so many categories that really do not know how to choose it.

this time I think of the 28 law, the general law is quite accurate, used to find products should not be wrong, I put the product catalog statistics, to find out the 20% categories in the fire, to find out the most popular of the 20%. The fire must have a lot of experts in doing, we do not go to the competition, the worst of those who do not, in the middle of the 40% to find inside, it should not have a lot of experts. Then for each category were investigated to find the most suitable for their own doing, I at that time to determine the first category is through the query under the category of products, the product commission is good, then go to Baidu search some relevant keywords, see this kind of products have people doing now, and keywords the intensity of competition. Through these surveys exclude some difficult categories, found a small category basically no competition.

later confirmed the product, I began to prepare the site, domain name is a buy in the A5 Trading Forum directly prepared case, space with my original program that I use is dede. When it comes to this program, I personally feel that although Dede is good, but there is still a little complex, on the background of so many options to see me under the table had a big trouble to understand some of the basic functions, and the template cannot be visual editing, I used to use the shopex for the visual editing function of the people that is very tricky.

solve the problem, I say this is how to optimize my website, I was the first to find the main keywords and I do in Baidu above, 10 key words most relevant, then each turn >