Tuniu CEO Yu Dunde entrepreneurship winning density

I horse: Lei Jun millet experience summed up as "seven words" – focus, extreme, reputation, fast. However, this conclusion is more like a surface induction, after all, to the specific level of implementation, will involve funding, personnel, systems, ideas, etc.. If we go to the comparison of technology companies and traditional companies, from the level of refinement will find that density is the key to realize "seven words".


density is a major difference between technology companies and traditional companies, including capital density, talent density and time density, etc., here we focus on talent density and time density.

if a company as a person, can be seen through some indicators of the ability of the person. The company’s ability to add up each index, divided by the number of the company’s ability to index the time to add up to each person, divided by the number of people, is the company’s time index.

if a company is capable of high index, high time index, in a period of competition, there will be competitive points. This points, the leading revenue is much higher than the cost, so even under such a high cost, first-tier cities still in droves, is because of the high density of the benefits far outweigh the costs.

in the modern industry, competition ability, competition time, to see who can realize the user needs in a shorter period of time, through the struggle to achieve fast, fast through to achieve the ultimate, ultimate realization by expanding market share.

talent density

high density of talent team ability index, low communication costs, low learning costs, which will have an exponential return.

good team will become better, mediocre team will become mediocre. From the psychological, excellent team a sense of superiority, has the sense of achievement, resulting in self driving; mediocre team has been immersed in the frustration inside, can only rely on money driven, in order to complete the work as the goal, to produce excellent results.

It is very difficult for

to bring together the best talents. It is not enough for the light to gather together. It is necessary to continue to increase the density by squeezing. The scale is not the most important. In order to improve the density of talents need to create a good environment, the output is far greater than the input.

time density

continuous working time is longer, the greater the time density, the results of the work of the proceeds are exponential rise.

assume a situation. A group and B group, the same ability index, A group every day of work, rest a day, continued for 30 natural days; B group continuous work of 15 natural days, rest for 15 days. The B group’s work will be greater than the group A far, because the intermediate is continuous, income index level, but the A group work every day will stop once, then work for a long time to recover to normal working state. "