Novice Amoy some skills experience forum post promotion

I write this post to help novice Amoy, how to write a steel, no steel should be attached, that can get the essence or the top of the post, or had done Amoy shop should know, if the post was awarded the essence or the wrong, for your promotion should be free to pull a lot of traffic and is very stable to


good! Nonsense is not much to say, then say everyone’s attention!

How to make

"steel stick"


ha ha, a lot of friends here will think that I am copying, but you think about plagiarism will not and you circle!

nonsense does not say, first of all, to talk about the most basic method of writing posts:

first, it is important! Look at the essence of forum inside the paste is what kind of topic, how to write the title, and then by madness, no

should start!

second, look at the forum where people like to pay more attention to what kind of topic!

summary of these two points of your title can be conceived out, but do not learn me ha, learn me you will be fooled Caixing!

title came out, the content of the proposed, if you let the content to the essence of


third, to see the forum moderators, first from his post, from the analysis of punctuation, whether love with ellipsis, whether symbols and typos wrong.

if these points are, ha ha, even if you do not write posts with mandatory advertising, why you may not delete,? Because from the above observation the owner must be a careless person, only big, and less trivial concerns. Speaking of which, you can not watch my door door from Kazakhstan, he is very strict might buckle your Steamed Buns, whether I can do well, here, friends will certainly have a psychological idea: the posts of people really.

good, do not talk nonsense, said in the posting fourth points, even though you don’t be afraid to write text, write directly advertisements will be ShanTie, as I can so wordy Oh, but you can start from the premise to the end is a wordy skill, like SEO, many friends all know SEO is just a tool, he can only analyze the characters, the cleanliness and so on, but not the analysis of the meaning of each word.

fourth points, if these are not, can also use the keyword Title do send original posts, even in this forum to see your posts less, but in SEO can also use the keyword search to your post, is not a very effective promotion and long-term


fifth people have mental fatigue (my own definition), that is simple, if you want to set a goal: I want to write the 365 post this year, so large numbers you see dizzy, rather than say: every day I only need to write a good. See the same people, the article is too long, did not see it, it’s the mental exhaustion, so instead of.