The problems encountered by novice Taobao webmaster and its summary

is now more and more people into the ranks of Amoy owners, a fledgling Amoy owners, if there is no one to teach you, no one to give you experiences, I am afraid will take many detours.

let’s talk about my experience with Taobao:

Perhaps the most original power

Taobao guest guest from Taobao alliance right. I also guest income billboard, such a novice webmaster, looked attractive list income, is a little. So buy a domain name space, filing, apply for union account, looking for Taobao guest program, and finally the first two weeks of the site on the line.

first, I do is Taobao underwear shopping guide website, apply for the domain name is, the definition of the description is: love in the network – professional Taobao shopping network, choose Taobao high credibility of the seller for your bra, underwear, socks, underwear products. Key words: underwear bra. Because I think Taobao underwear navigation station to do this, people are still less, the competition is not so strong. The line on the website began to Baidu know answer about the underwear problems, especially like " which underwear shop is better?", "how to buy underwear", " underwear how to choose" this kind of problem, and then look for opportunities to recommend their own website in answering questions.

is to go to various forums have also made a few similar advertising articles. Their own QQ space, email signature, blog signature and a series of places that can be displayed on the Internet have changed their own website name or domain name.

after a few days of "toss", see the various search engines, Baidu included two digit, Google included more than 2 thousand and 500 search included more than 4 thousand and 500 other search engines included in almost a digit.

followed, began slowly with the amount of promotion, careful look at the purchase order information, found no one to buy underwear, basically sold out of cosmetics or digital products. So I have a doubt about the positioning of their website. Change the extension direction, made a large and comprehensive station. After many setbacks, several revisions, is finally back online. However, with the passage of time, but there is no order.

also checked up on search engines, Baidu has put me K station, included for 0, and the number of Google search included a day less than a day, pain, depressed, doubts began to haunt me.

I do not understand why the promotion of clothing, cosmetics and other popular direction is not as good as the promotion of underwear. With doubt I came to A5 for the answer, look at a large number of websites and in Amoy promotion articles, I finally see light suddenly. Although their station is not bad, but after tossing has learned a lot of knowledge popularization. With the experience and lessons, I think their website will be getting better and better, and I hope that this article can give a warning to the novice webmaster, do not go my old way, more than A5 to see, must