The project operation of Network Entrepreneurship

in view of people asking network projects articles article published today when operating, especially A5 borrow treasure share this article.

in the network business began in 2009, is now third years; from the beginning of a line to now still in this line. There is some bitterness, but there is nothing to tell. Entrepreneurs and others should not be the same. Life is not the same, the experience is not the same, of course, income will not be the same, I said the following are their own personal experience of more than three years as a reference.

three years ago, the choice of network business, it can be said to be an opportunity for me to choose the impulse of the cause – e-commerce. The company funded by four people, together with the construction industry recruitment website. Today, I am the only one, and today’s achievements in a word to say: the rest of the king. Choose this project because of some chance, come into contact with this line, the moment he touch in the spirit of entrepreneurship strength came up, quit, find a partner — fieldwork projects; one to four months to open. In fact, the most important thing is that the longest time is the partner of the


I think here why want to find a partner to this point, I think it is about me to start empty-handed can only rely on people to make money, lack of financial resources for human to supplement, not to mention a person please please partner also don’t pay and hard; so all to save for the start empty-handed entrepreneurial orientation to go further. So finding a suitable partner is a lot of money. A base is also a need to lay before the operation of the project, good project is not good team that is a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

field projects can be said is a professional market research, including market prospects, project implementation process, the implementation of the budget assessment techniques and projects; to do an industry at least to know the industry some of the most basic flow and operating means, so a good leader or senior is the best, of course in this line to mix in a year or so of course the best. I do not go to the project practice, only in such a friend, eat more than a week, I began my journey; so this is also the reason I went to a year many detours! As for tips, and the budget is It differs from man to man. according to local conditions, the. There is no way to complain!

remember three years ago is at the beginning of 10 in A5 also made 2 articles, compared to when young and frivolous now think really ridiculous; but this is what I can stick to a reason now. Dare to think, dare to do


above is more general said his own things, here to share

dry cargo!

on project operations:

1 project preliminary framework and preparation work; framework development plan and work plan (registered company, production site, assign work tasks