Embedded ad revaluation online ad

      when the majority of people on the Internet are used advertising shielding function to open the browser, more and more advertisers began to find that online advertising is not as simple as they imagine.

      revaluation of online advertising

      since, although the top of the new century the most important media of the title, but the network media does not seem to be too many advertisers favor, full page ads flying window is always looked lively but fewer people, some rogue adware is to let users of advertising bored to vertex.

      Internet analysts pointed out that since the Internet advertising does not reflect the network media interactive features, advertising forms, simply in the stack of pages related to regional advertising, not only did not play the unique advantages of the Internet itself, but the reader’s aversion to online advertising, dissemination efficiency is greatly reduced. This also makes many advertisers prefer to spend money on expensive TV media and other traditional media.

      when the Internet bubble burst, more and more Internet Co found that online advertising is clearly not enough to support the company’s profitability, so more and more companies choose the drive more profitable mode. However, experts pointed out that, compared to e-commerce, content charging and other models, advertising revenue is still relatively simple, more potential, the most powerful driving force for the site.

      gratifying is that the development of online advertising situation is gradually clear. With Google to $310 million acquisition of DoubleClick, Microsoft announced a $6 billion acquisition price competition Internet advertising company aQuantive Yahoo for $680 million, the successful completion of the U.S. Internet advertising company Right Media’s acquisition of the remaining shares, a pile and a pile of the Internet advertising company, the acquisition to convey a obviously information advertisement in Internet Co the position is more and more weak, but on the contrary, more and more important.

      according to the report released by the China Internet association, in 2006 the scale of China’s Internet advertising was 4 billion 980 million, and the growth rate will remain above 50%. Publicly available data show that the current growth rate of online advertising is significantly faster than the development of the entire advertising market, more people in the industry is expected, in 2007 the market will double the market capacity of advertising will not be a problem.

      snatch traditional advertising

      online advertising can be truly innovative in terms of delivery and presentation