A simple analysis of the development mode of Wangzhuan personnel

The rapid development of

network, to a lot of people dug a trap, but also to a lot of people a rare opportunity. In the increasingly fierce ground society, many people feel great pressure. Therefore, more and more people, on the network, want to come to the online gold rush.

there are three kinds of people, is very typical.

is a Taobao seller. They rely on the asymmetry of information, or the use of the buyer’s psychology, to obtain benefits. What they rely on is the mastery of Taobao’s various settings, as well as some basic ways of advertising. However, many of them are proficient in network marketing, and their purpose is very strong, is to sell the product, from which to earn the difference. Among them, will be born a lot of days to earn thousands of buyers.

is a kind of pure adsense. Some of them just because of love and build their own site, meet their wishes, but it goes farther, gradually understand some advertising profit; and some of the people is the master of the establishment of the professional skills, in order to earn interest, quickly built up a profit for the purpose of the site, profit from in. These people, many are not aware of the importance of sales, are generally focus on the flow above, they believe in one, is the flow is king, as long as there are traffic, they will have a lot of money in advertising, and value-added services.

the last one, is the beginning of popular Wangzhuan industry personnel from these a few years. In fact, Wangzhuan includes two kinds of occupation. However, with the rise of the influx of people, in fact most of people, not too much to master professional skills. They are blind, and because the project is numerous, Wangzhuan advertising false or exaggerated, often make a lot of people lost a long time to clear view of the problem. Lack of professional skills, so that they do things difficult, some people are very sorry to give up. Some people, keen on mining speculation cheating.

these are actually very wrong approach.

why? To increase the national network control efforts, radiation spread network, the network will inevitably lead to more and more standardized, more and more netizens, cheating, truth will be increasingly narrow, and people will become the main theme of wangzhuan.

what does this mean, sales, only to seize sales, to keep up with the trend of the market, the development of the network, in order to avoid being eliminated. Bidding, is Wangzhuan the way out.

of course, expand the Wangzhuan team, will inevitably lead to a lot of pure Taobao webmaster, sellers involved. We are at a disadvantage compared to them. Because they all have their own foundation, or core. Qualcomm in touch kind side, they can develop more quickly.

so, we must first seize the theme of the era of marketing, and then, want to develop pure webmaster class, learn to build knowledge, site management, and SEO. To the site as the core, combined with the flow >