A 18 year old COO on the congregation to raise Jingdong you are funny than you

some entrepreneurs will envy those who have 90 CEO bright, don’t envy oh. The media 90 but really hard work, you would not be able to transcend beyond, nor you want to be able to transcend beyond product data. Please stick to your own accumulate steadily don’t walk on the road, quick.


change yourself before you can change the world

own experience: 18 this year, is currently a public platform to raise the public as chief operating officer. Although I was born after 90, but I hope you do not go to my body plus 90 this label, after 90 has been labeled, I think as an ordinary boy. High school when the industry, failed. Failure needless to say, a little silent demeanor. But still want to own experience to give you a buddy. Three years of accumulated experience in Internet marketing, the senior year to a preparation for the display skills to the full, a new business model. At that time, I would like to promote the success of their own social concern about the problem of innovation in high school students in China, but also to make everyone concerned about the congregation to raise, but in essence, in order to recognize our own ability. At that time his senior business failure experience generally written to know, just want to get everyone’s approval or comfort, or make them feel at the age of 17, I very Niubi like, then the idea somewhat immature, now in retrospect, dumbfounding, but now I have found that looking for the answer.

after a lapse of time today, see, contact more things, the vision of the heart also follow the open, and now in order to reduce the cost of the national youth entrepreneurship efforts, doing their own thing. From the idea to the project line and then to find investment. The final failure has given me a clear understanding of many of the status quo, the process I have accumulated a lot of experience. Although failed. But I believe that everything is inevitable, everything is taken for granted. I have always believed that Shakya Muni said: "no matter who you meet, he is the person of your life, not by chance, he will teach you something". So I also believe: "whether you choose to do or not to do, in fact, you are right, there is no absolute right and wrong," the failure of the success of the future is to do the groundwork! Can not easily give up!

you small partners, there is a good idea, because you do not even want to talk about what success. There’s an idea that needs to be done. But I still want to tell you that if you want to find a project investment, unless your project has reached a certain scale or your team has a name to those investors, the money in daniel. If there is no one above, it is not likely to find investment.

unless you close your eyes at 12 in the middle of the night, in the dream world, you can make the impossible possible. I can let the public to raise the platform from the pre build, landscaping to the middle of the main operations are mainly responsible for publicity. So seize the opportunity in a platform responsible for operations. Because of >