mitation success shortcut to high office

              what is success in general, a shortcut to high office? Two methods, one is to strive for innovation, the two is to copy others’ ideas. The second method is much easier than the first, and is often easier to become a millionaire or even a billionaire. Now many corporate giants, such as apple, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, and even us Tencent are from imitation, then gradually developed into a giant, visible imitation is a shortcut to success.

in the traditional business concept, the Internet industry is proud of innovation. The German Samwer three brothers, Alexander, Oliver and Marc have completely imitate American Internet mode, they set up in 2007 in Germany Berlin incubator Rocket Internet, and by virtue of the copycat sites supported by many to become a billionaire, completely subvert the industry innovation business philosophy.


became a billionaire, the Samwer brothers kept a low profile, and there was little media coverage of them. With their fame, they practice copycat also caused extensive discussion of the industry, the success of the Samwer brothers is not meant for people engaged in science and technology industry publicly acknowledged that "imitation is correct, is recognized by people".

with this question, we intend to contact the Samwers brothers, let them publish their views. We failed to contact any of them, but we had a telephone interview with the "imitation power: how smart companies use imitation to gain a strategic advantage" and author of a book at Ohio State University economic management professor Oded Shenkar.

in the Shenkar view, in the technology field of entrepreneurship, people habitually think entrepreneurship must be innovative, in fact, this idea is wrong, the history of success by imitating the entrepreneurial companies meet the eye everywhere. Take the familiar Facebook and apple, in the eyes of Shenkar, Zuckerberg and Jobs are great imitator. Social networking is not invented by Zuckerberg, Friendster was founded in 2002, MySpace and LinkedIn was founded in 2003, and Facebook was only in 2004. Similarly, the Mac computer user interface is suspected of plagiarism Xerox PARC. Of course, Shenkar cited two examples of this are not aimed at Ariza and Joe closer, opposite him for their successful imitation happy.


"indeed, we should respect innovators, but it has to be said that imitation is usually a shortcut to success," Shenkar explains. Mode >

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