A secret SEO Wangzhuan do SEO for others

Hello everyone, I am the United States and Beijing air conditioning repair. Contact SEO for so long, I have more or less for SEO and certain experience, plus one of the two successful cases, which makes me for himself in the prospects of the development of SEO has a very good fantasy. Recently is very happily for a long time, because an article "himself some time ago to write the first 100 days of stable ranking Baidu experience" brought a customer to their customers, although small, but relatively straightforward, we two people may also talk very speculative, so high the next Xing Xing his website. This is an experience and I want to share a secret today, SEO Wangzhuan: SEO do for others.

SEO started very quickly, to provide the services required cost is very low, simple we only need to have a computer, you can access to the Internet, and the market is relatively large, this is a good news for our small and medium-sized webmaster, but there are many places need our attention in the process of using SEO Wangzhuan. Here we introduce some of my views, it is some advice to the small webmaster SEO single.

1, do their best to do the first choice in the minds of customers

in the process of doing SEO, others choose you are sure to trust you, is sure to believe in your ability, or for your service has certain agreement and expectations. So the first thing we need to do is to do our best to be the first choice in the minds of customers.

to do their best, we must first be sure that we have a good SEO technology as a support. SEO technology mainly includes the content update and the chain construction. Contact over a period of time the station has its own set of SEO technology, will optimize your ability to It differs from man to man., here we need every day constantly learning, constantly consolidate its SEO technology, and pay attention to the cultivation of their own optimization idea, to provide the best service to lay a solid foundation for.

to do their best, we also need to have good communication skills with customers. Good communication is half the success, especially in the details of the optimization and customer on time, a good communication will make customers accept your request. Good customer doesn’t care how much you pay, but that we can bring much value to him at the time of communication, although we can not make too many promises, but little assurance will let customers peace of mind.

the first choice in the minds of customers, this is the charm of the problem. You have good communication skills, so that customers can quickly accept your service. To do this, you first need to have the ability is very good, and there are many SEO cases as the basis, then you have to have a certain reputation, a lot of people know is because your website optimization very well or have a great reputation in the circle. For example, you put an industry stand to do the industry first, for example, you wrote a lot of soft Wen, also accepted by many people.


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