Search engine marketing in 2006

search engine in the past year is still the most popular Internet applications, the new competitive network marketing management consultant in this review in 2006 the impact of search engine marketing ten important events:

1, Baidu launched the "smart price" system, PPC

rising costs

      June 1, 2006, Baidu PPC system changed in the past each keyword CPC starts at 3 hair, launched the "smart price" system, "keyword starting price is decided by the keywords of commercial value, a large number of popular keywords for" has high commercial value and high prices". For a large number to put Baidu PPC for main website promotion means of small and medium enterprises, the implementation of network marketing costs than before rising in the primary evaluation index to the conversion rate, Baidu PPC advertising investment income declined. Rising prices prompted some small and medium enterprises to actively explore new network marketing.

2, Baidu further recovery agents to direct the development of key markets

      Baidu since 2005 in Shanghai, Guangzhou agent have been canceled, 2006 continue to increase to promote direct sales model in key markets, the Beijing market will recover instead of one by one agency, Baidu Inc direct sales. Baidu revocation of Beijing distribution agents show that Baidu brand awareness has been established, the platform has matured, capital has, so Baidu hopes to build its own sales team, to strengthen the control of the focus of the market; at the same time, take the direct mode in key markets, will also help Baidu improve the pre-sale and customer service service.

3, Inc. and Baidu malicious prosecution accused of manipulating search results

      September 7, 2006, Yesky issued "strongly condemns the Baidu Inc malicious manipulation of search results, users of the deception statement", accused in the Baidu search results page, download. "Link title in the name of" Tianji download ", but to" open sky software download page. Said Baidu to help download the sky to enhance traffic". Baidu is to edit the wrong horizon net page ". Download" text links to "sky software download page and pass the buck to the horizon net, the two sides triggered a lawsuit, and caused the attention of search engine optimization.

4, Microsoft launched a new search engine Live Search

      Microsoft MSN Search officially launched the upgrade and renamed after the search engine Window Live Search, had launched a beta version. In Microsoft’s new search engine to add images, news and RSS and mail search function, while supporting local and shopping search. At the same time, can also provide search preview function. In addition, the user can also adjust their own web pages

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