As a Taobao customer about my real Wangzhuan experience

Hello, this is the second time to write articles about Taobao customers, the first time in half a year ago, a website is not what is not the domain name, Sina blog to my surprise, the use of sina power, included fast characteristics, make full use of key word title articles are a lot of shopping good ranking in Baidu, Taobao is also my customers how to use Sina blog day to earn 50 yuan of the article, but then they tend to be lazy and have not updated articles, not included.

and I built a website, at first, I hesitate in the end choose what procedures do CMS or blog, because CMS is too complex, he is also a novice what are not so I chose to do a WordPress of the Taobao guest blog, which is poor Amoy network had a domain name I think nearly a month, constantly consider, think the word Baidu poor Amoy network almost can not find, but Larry, will give users the impression more, soon to be included, also give me a promotion brought a lot of convenience, because a lot of places to send links, leave a poor Amoy network to allow them to quickly search, Baidu search drop-down I have the menu name of the site, when paying people to do a basic template, updated daily articles, the original is false, this is some Baidu a lot of shopping guide articles may be self SEO technology has been too shallow, not cold on the Baidu WP only included the home page, but I think it is enough! Then hesitate to buy cheap space, has led to open quite depressed, so thoroughly the head surface a website.

said Baidu Post Bar promotion, you know, not a lot of moderator Post Bar, we can look at Taobao is off the link, the military is a hotly contested spot, send a link to article every top ah top, is my homely food. Secondly, Baidu know their own registered Ma3 jia3 ask ourselves to answer, is the way I use. In fact, the most important Taobao page promotion, the reason I do not say, we certainly understand, Taobao Q & A, Taobao forum and Taobao gangs are good promotion positions.

is such a state I lasted nearly half a year, almost every day at the 100+ commission I would never go to Houston in the first half of this year a total of publicity, down more than I earn more than 10 thousand money, this is true, but I think this is the rookie level, every month to 5000+ a lot of people, you can use Baidu Search related keywords and, usually ranking all the money, why so many people rush to compete for the 200 billion share of the cake.

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