Entrepreneurship to infiltrate into the blood of thrift

Really started to operate, I may be able to get the money in hand. My investment commitment is 3 million. A magazine piece, proofing, printing and distribution costs at least 5 yuan, printing of 30 thousand copies, one is 150 thousand, one month to three period 450 thousand, and staff salaries, office expenses, rent utilities, do not say is to 200 thousand, so a month operating cost is 650 thousand. Start to officially take 3 months, want at least 600 thousand of the cost of such a new magazine, there is no advertising, customers paid in advance, after half a year income is good, that is to say from publication to have income, I have at least 4 million 500 thousand funds to top off this difficult time.

to get through this difficult period of entrepreneurship, in fact, that it is also simple, is nothing more than to. Open source is through a variety of channels to achieve revenue. My strategy is to do more exercise, can not only expand the influence, also can realize quick income. Just at that time the team resources, a newly established, unknown journals, to substantially increase revenue, is not easy.

in order to save money, office location is in the near Guangqumen find a small office, rent a room, and later development before renting a room in a large room, all the staff in the office, separated by a small room, which is the financial room outside, less than ten square meters and put on a table, you can have a meeting. Remember to buy a table to put in, we were sitting together a few leaders, we feel that this is like a unit, the exclamation

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