The state will cancel the registered capital of the company to relax the conditions for registration


Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting in October 25th, to promote the deployment of the company’s registered capital registration system reform, reduce the cost of entrepreneurship. The enterprise registered capital, annual inspection, business premises and other restrictions were adjusted. Will be more conducive to the establishment and operation of enterprises.

meeting made clear the main content of the reform:

one is to relax the registered capital registration conditions. Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, the limited liability company to cancel the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan, the lowest one person limited liability company registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, the lowest Limited by Share Ltd registered capital of 5 million yuan limit; no longer limited company set up when the shareholders (promoters) the contribution ratio of the first and paid contribution deadline. The paid in capital of the company is no longer a business registration.

two is the annual inspection system to the annual reporting system, any unit and individual can query, so that the enterprise information transparency. The establishment of a fair and regular sampling system to overcome the arbitrariness of the inspection, improve the fairness and efficiency of government management.

three is in accordance with the principle of convenient registration and orderly order to relax the market main residence (business premises) registration conditions, the specific provisions of the local government.

four is to vigorously promote the construction of enterprise credit system. Focus on the use of information publicity and sharing means, the enterprise registration, annual reports, qualification and other information through the main body of the market credit system to be publicized. The implementation of electronic business license and full electronic registration management, and paper business license has the same legal effect. Improve the credit constraint mechanism, there will be irregularities in the market included in the business of the exception of the black list, to the public, to make it a violation, everywhere limited to improve the cost of dishonesty".

five is to promote the registered capital from the paid registration system to the registration system, reduce the cost of start-up companies. On the basis to improve the relevant laws and regulations, implemented by the shareholders (promoters) autonomous agreement subscribed capital contribution, investment period, and to pay the capital contribution of authenticity and legitimacy of the system.

involved in the minimum registered capital and the relaxation of the market main residence (business premises) registration conditions of reform, it can be said that the company’s largest registered entrepreneurs to solve the two difficulties. Before a lot of entrepreneurs because of workplace problems to pay the extra cost a lot, so that enterprises began to carry a heavy burden, the China entrepreneurs of foreign entrepreneurs and even the basement garage business can only envy. The introduction of the new policy, although depends on the specific provisions of local governments, but we believe in different areas of government competition and the guidance of national policy, we can expect a more relaxed environment, can expect the majority of entrepreneurs can be time and money more focused on products, users.

on the reform of the system, many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are feeling a lot. East Star

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