Wangzhuan tutorial how much credibility

I do Taobao customers, has its own website (online shopping, but the sky) did not make any money, but also wasted too much time, maybe a short line don’t know the promotion, perhaps the site does not do well to attract people. In a word, money is not good!

Absolutely ignorant of

from the beginning when the site, to now know little about one or two, of which sour, sweet, bitter, hot who knows? Since the website operation that day, as long as they have the time to see Wangzhuan tutorial, online video, and then around the promotion, forum, blog promotion effect.

on Taobao guest Wangzhuan tutorial to see many, say how much of this knowledge is available, the general sent to the online tutorial is not what role, or is something we all know, or outdated methods; have not much knowledge available, if you really have the effect, I believe others won’t be sent to the Internet or not sent to the online free.

1, I believe many people encountered package download tutorial, this is also a kind of promotion, you just for others, for others to work for free, think to learn something, in fact, I encountered such a lot.

2, and his tutorial may allow you to earn money, but you need to have money, not too much, the real money is behind the tutorial people, really good, know if enslaved people, let you eat some sweetness, you will think that this method is good, can earn money one day, tired, earn a few yuan, behind what people do, earn hundreds of yuan, think that the sky will not fall pie, even really fall Xianbing, you dare eat it, dare to take


3, have to pay the tuition fee to teach you something, there may be a little technical content, but not too much, after all is said and done, it is nothing but the theme, said a lot of useless words, if you can really learn something too much value, the key is now online fraud too much, you don’t win against anti money, no shadow, or something you teach what you know, in vain.

4, what is more, people will hold back, you said one tutor is rubbish, but people will say you against simple minded, can not understand the essence of them, put all the blame to you, but not his own. Such training is not in the minority

5, there are some really can make money, but for each student to teach the same method, think about it, a piece of cake at the same time dozens or hundreds of people with the same points, each person can be divided?

so some popular online Wangzhuan not much has been available, but you can think of people’s ideas, according to his way of thinking might have unexpected harvest oh.

note: above only on behalf of my views and opinions, if not please forgive me!

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