The gospel of Decide tells you when shopping is the best buy


Decide web site to push subscription services to provide goods insured

price is a shopping search engine that helps consumers determine the content and timing of shopping. This week the company launched a monthly service: if the user wants to use the "purchase" advice function, then you will need to pay. When to buy is the main difference between Decide and other shopping search. We had previously reported the site in detail.

"when to buy" recommendation features and Decide price guarantee service monthly price of $4.99, the package price of $29.99. Through the Decide insured services, users in the payment, if commodity prices decline forecast and Decide does not match, it will get spread payment.

Decide was developed by several engineers in Farecast, using a technology similar to the price of a Farecast tracking ticket. Currently Farecast has been acquired by Microsoft. Through the private algorithm, Decide can analyze the price fluctuation of catalog products, and take into account the factors such as the product release cycle, the news report and the enterprise announcement. For example, last week, the service will advise users not to buy a new iPad, because the service is likely to determine Apple’s new products will be released this week.

Decide makes recommendations to users based on the content of a few weeks ago. The company CEO Mike Fridgen explained that the charges to the user is to ensure that the recommendations of Decide is neutral and objective, so that the company does not need to rely on advertising revenue.

future, Decide’s "what to buy" recommended features, as well as price warning function will still be free. Since the launch of the service in June 2011, so far, Decide has about 10000000 users to provide when to buy proposal. According to the company’s calculations, this helps users save a total of $127 million.

initially focused on electronic products, but has been extended to dozens of categories of goods, including household appliances, sporting goods, home and garden supplies, as well as other electronic equipment, etc.. Currently, the site’s monthly user access is about hundreds of thousands, and continues to grow, the monthly page views more than 1 million times.

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