Discussion on the promotion of local portal or professional website promotion

every Friday afternoon 3 points in Admin5 QQ group membership regularly discussed topic
the following roughly sorted out 3 group discussion record. Just keep the original topic independent discussion omitted
hope to have time, doing regional nature of the network of friends, can be in the idle time reference
are 3 group of 600 people for half an hour of fine
today (January 12th 5 weeks) and 3 in group QQ group to discuss how to operate local portal 3 p.m. (or major) from the local portal website (or professional) site location, operation flow, their profit to talk about their own views and ideas of the time 3 -3 –

Wang 14:58:44
now, please speak to the general friend. Do not use red font. Discussion on the development of the positioning of the portal profit now, please speak freely.

Wan Ming Xin wind @ 14:59:13
who know Xiamen fish head up
My opinion for fish!
Localization of

graph king 15:02:32
local website: combination with the traditional enterprise, earn money, a local website a >

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