Red tiger Taobao customers want to be good at discovering the market blind spots

I started from the end of last year to do the Taobao guest, has been nearly half a year, the income from the initial few dollars to be able to earn hundreds of dollars. From the beginning it became confused and disoriented to find some Taobao money off method and way to do sth. Lao Tzu said: "the way, very, very name, name." That is to say, it can be said, not really, can use the name of the name is not constant. In the beginning, I also like you, very confused on the Taobao customer money, do not see the Taobao money off the law, can not find how to do the direction and goal of Taobao customers, it is only the stones, what method to try. Start is still very hard, "write their own web site, the new domain name, a new website, from application included, to the forum, blog, QQ group and other places to publicize, busy for a long time, little, this just understand why the 80% of the world’s wealth is 20% of the people have the reason, the original 80% the guest is not to make money.

so when in disorderly fashion in March this year, the beginning or from time to time a little income, suddenly started continuously every day a few dozen pen or pen income, and transactions are from a certain goods or similar goods, of course, I was very happy, but I am also very strange, these transactions are from where to? Then I query the Baidu search keywords that source to see light suddenly. If a few months ago, I do not understand how important SEO, and now I really understand the power of SEO technology. Remember a few months ago, I do not know what, even with their own HTML website is written, only in accordance with the pure idea ", is a unique of the one and only, without the use of CMS system, and the pure static HTML pages, which can bring me the" income I look, there are pictures, text, links, although some simple, but it is just a spider love mode, plus their own manual entry of "original" invisible ", completed the highest level of SEO is not SEO". Although at that time my website weight is not high (new sites), but can be included in the whole reason. If in accordance with the strict principles of screening Baidu filter, if it is copied and pasted the same or similar content too much may not include the page, so I said, how important is the original. Later, I searched through the keyword flow of about more than 1 thousand IP, turnover of only a few pens, the conversion rate is not very high, but there is a gratifying transaction, ah, there is no stronger than the bar of the bar, it is not a good deal, but also a good deal of money, but there is no better than Baidu. I’ll check the keywords in Baidu ranking, although not top, but fortunately the row in the home, I think this is my reason for this page can be a higher search, of course, a search may have traffic and revenue.

later, I think: if I is the keyword keyword now very competitive " ladies", compared with those of SEO master, perhaps even the first 10 pages could not enter, but the words although relatively unpopular, not Baidu.

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