Millions of years into the cousin gave me a lesson the nternet thinking how down to earth

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Internet thinking can be said to be the most popular term in the Internet industry, chat with people, do not talk about the Internet thinking you are embarrassed to say that they are insiders. But most of the people believe that the earth monster just talk about it, if you let the system to elaborate on the Internet thinking, but also a few people really can say.

in accordance with the interpretation of the degree given by the mother, the Internet thinking is to take full advantage of the spirit of the Internet, value, technology, methods, rules, opportunities, to guide, deal with, innovative ways of thinking.

The concept of

such a school to see with didn’t look like wood there?! just recently and cousin made a deep talk, give you a look at the reduction, the eyes of the business of the junior high school students, what is perfectly fit the Internet thinking.

first introduced the background:

this cousin is pro aunt earth demon, was not love learning, but the brain active. Now in Jiangsu, Taizhou, Jiangyan, a farmers market, opened a small restaurant. Restaurant area of more than and 50 square meters, annual income of around 1 million 200 thousand.

less is more: "my little restaurant sold only 25 vegetables

said that his cousin, in the farmers market, small restaurants like a dozen, every one of the dishes that dishes are in more than 50, even more can reach 180, and his cousin is only 25.

why only 25 dishes?


revealed the reason: one is the 25 dishes covering the surrounding ordinary consumers 80% order types, the dishes reduced not only convenient procurement, but also because of a large amount of additional concessions; two is to cook, cooking more easily, always stir the 25 dishes, a long time the natural Practice makes perfect. fried, not only taste better, serve faster; three, these 25 dishes are tomatoes, egg, meat, fried shredded potato Moo Shu Pork equivalent of a class of uniform grade dishes, so that every people into the store, there is no pressure.

cousin, said the scale of procurement so that his shop every dish can be cheaper than the surrounding shop one or two dollars, so the number of Taiwan is also much higher than the surrounding shops.

free – free bait, to have homes have

in the shop cheaper than other dishes at the same time, the store and other stores no cousin free food — a small dish of pickled radish, a small dish of Deep-Fried Peanuts, and can be used free Sheng small rice, Eggdrop soup.

cousin told me, these free food every day down only more than and 30 dollars, but to bring customers the feeling is very good: a money is not spent, the table has been put on the two dishes, two bowls, as accounted for a big advantage like. In fact, this more than and 30 dollars, as long as Duolaisansi a diner, enough fishing back to this.


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