PPC five tips enhance advertising effectiveness

in the country, we are most familiar with the PPC advertising is Google AdWords, it has become one of the main means of network marketing for many companies. However, some companies found that the cost of the Google AdWords account is not reduced, but the inquiry is gradually reduced. Or an increase in costs, but no increase in inquiries. What is going on? – to introduce you five tips to help you get out of the mud Bog:

1 add non popular keywords

uses the Google keyword tool to find possible non popular keywords. Many companies will have this experience: constantly adjust the popular keywords in advertising, but there is no significant change in inquiry. This advice tells you to try to add some non popular keywords, often a large number of these words, you will see what results.

2 add a keyword associated with the site

you can try to put the landing page of the web site into the keyword search tool, Google will be based on the site’s page to provide you should use the keywords.

3 tries to use different matching schemes

if you are using a broad keyword strategy, you can now try to use the exact word or phrase matching. This will effectively reduce the cost of advertising.

4 try another keyword tool

in this case, you can try to use another keyword research tool, which helps you choose the appropriate keywords.

5 lower or raise bid

your ads don’t have to be in the first place, sometimes in the third, the four is also good, and can pay a small amount of click cost. Sometimes, you can increase the price of some words, and other words to lower the price, the most significant effect is to reduce the cost of advertising. Of course, a higher quality score will also help us to spend less time in the previous position.

even search engine advertising management experts also need to constantly adjust the advertising campaign, optimization strategy. The case is not difficulty you encounter, you are not isolated and helpless. Competitive ranking requires a certain amount of time and energy. Proper management will bring high efficiency to the enterprise. On the other hand, paid search needs to be well controlled, otherwise it will cause great waste.

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