From M286 and CHNAZ to see forum development

For 4 years, until now, can be said to be the failure of the webmaster…

back, 4 years of harvest is learned technology such as ASP.

has been the site of interest is BBS, so today on the BBS to do the research.

IM286 and I have been involved in two CHINAZ site owners, K666 era did not catch up with…

, as long as the professional investment, around the featured content popularity of the forum will slowly rise, it can be said that the forum will reached a peak period, a large number of new members in the old members of the leading / introduction / propaganda into the discussion, but also derived from a variety of things, such as the station AD. Behind the ridicule.

CHINAZ face is full of AD, behind the face of ridicule is popular.

at the same time, the state and the commercialization of CHINAZ over a great relationship, in the planning community should be a man of the CHINAZ platform, but the pursuit of more company or commercial.

can be said that the commercial development of the CHINAZ community than the horizon /CSDN to be serious, as long as the structure in the forum are put on the development of local advertising, a lot of people to advertise on CHINAZ?

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