WeChat platform hot entrepreneurs flocking plank bridge

recently, because WeChat downtime incidents, some entrepreneurs have to turn their attention to the WeChat platform business. In the era of the popularity of mobile Internet and intelligent machines, nearly four hundred million users in the WeChat platform, many entrepreneurs believe that now enter the WeChat platform is a good opportunity for entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of WeChat platform to achieve wealth dream

shortly before the Internet, an Internet make millions of years selling barbecue room: WeChat fun O2O article, this paper describes a 80 entrepreneurs use the Internet and mobile Internet platform combined with O2O model of entrepreneurial success stories. Since then, some entrepreneurs start a business on the WeChat platform, but recently on WeChat’s Internet business platform for the less and less, until the appearance of the 7.22 WeChat outage, entrepreneurs from some anxious reaction users can easily see most of my friends use WeChat has become a habit, or will the WeChat platform business is a good opportunity.

to use WeChat Internet media analysis of the reasons for the use of WeChat said: the reason is because occupy most of friends, classmates and other people are in use, from this point, we can see, now WeChat’s popularity rate or will be greatly improved, with the circle of friends to spread, or the WeChat platform will become entrepreneurs the most favorable opportunity.

from the above analysis, we may think that WeChat platform is a good opportunity to start a business. However, appeared on the Internet on WeChat entrepreneurial opportunity recently, Public opinions are divergent., some analysts said WeChat entrepreneurs if do not want to become cannon fodder, quickly away from the WeChat platform. In the part of entrepreneurs are crowded peaks wishing to enter the WeChat platform bridge at the same time, there are some WeChat remind entrepreneurs away from this business platform. What is the reason, causing it to remind entrepreneurs to enter the WeChat platform to be cautious about it?

I found that in reading the article, some ideas in this paper is about some sense, WeChat is a Tencent, the Tencent will put such a good chance to make good use of their own, It is without rhyme or reason. good opportunity to make money to others. Unless you can, otherwise, on the domain of others, do you think you can achieve the dream of wealth? In this regard, the author believes that WeChat business platform of the single plank bridge thought to go is not easy.

for WeChat entrepreneurial platform, A5 (http://s.www.admin5.com) editor in this simple talk, now is the era of rapid development of mobile Internet, WeChat may be a good platform for entrepreneurship. But in this, I also remind the majority of entrepreneurs friends, venture capital needs to be cautious, can not blindly follow the development of the times, in order to follow the times at the same time to combine their actual situation. If you do not understand the WeChat platform, then, when you use a period of time to understand or try to venture in this platform, the other ready to start a friend may have successfully used this platform to start a business. You may miss out on some other business opportunities for yourself. In a word, the opportunity is left

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