Tencent in Shanghai to build a one stop entrepreneurial base to support entrepreneurship

landing Internet star enterprise gathering area is promising

According to

reports, the Tencent chose to build the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai city Xuhui District heavyweight business base in hand, mainly because of its strong Internet genes and growth environment, brought together a large number of Internet entrepreneurial talents. Famous enterprises Ctrip, public comment, giant, Kai Ying games, the Internet industry are growing up in Xuhui District. Xuhui District’s game output value accounted for 1/10 of the country’s total value of the game, from the end of the tour, page tour to the full development of hand travel.

in addition, the core area of Caohejing Development Zone Environmental Tencent landing Shanghai entrepreneurial base is beautiful, convenient transportation, living facilities, gathering a large number of high-tech talent, entrepreneurial atmosphere. Xuhui District, a perfect combination of Internet business environment and rich experience in the operation of the Internet Tencent, Tencent entrepreneurial base (Shanghai) will be built into the Incubator + investment + industrial resources as one of the incubator center.

Tencent entrepreneurial base across the country from online to offline support

2014, Tencent open platform for small and medium developers accounted for 41% of the total number of developers, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 400%. This data from the Tencent open platform, the developer shows great potential in entrepreneurship. But at the same time, Tencent also noted that the small entrepreneurial team in the face of office space rental, loan pressure, exposure to resource shortages, access to the user and other issues.

it is in this context, the integration of Tencent Tencent platform resources and government and social quality resources to build a joint venture base Tencent, Tencent support for developers to extend from the line to the line. By the end of 2014, Tencent plans to establish a business base in the country’s 20 cities, to provide comprehensive support for developers under the online + line, foster the growth of entrepreneurial start-ups.

Tencent entrepreneurial base, the developer of the most headaches venue, tax, talent and other issues will be properly resolved to help developers reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship. Up to now, there are many start-ups in the rapid growth of Tencent entrepreneurial base help. Mobile Games "do not step on the white pieces" by Tencent helping entrepreneurial base, the installed capacity of more than 1 million in the first application of treasure brought by Tencent, broad business base access point through the income accounted for more than 50% of its national income.

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