How to develop business strategies

All of the articles that talk about the importance of keeping the IT strategy aligned with the business strategy may have an error. Now the industry for the development and coordination of the strategy of view compared with the previous changes are taking place. Thankfully, in the past, the practice of developing business strategies by senior management, and then by the IT department to coordinate IT strategies based on business strategy, is gradually disappearing. In the past, the old practice is actually a passive way, will bring a lot of problems. If CIO is still waiting for the company’s business plan before starting to develop a IT strategy, then it can prove that he is behind.


during the development strategy, the participation of IT is very important, it can ensure that the various departments of the company on the existing technology can meet the needs of their own departments to understand, to ensure all the business sector proposals can be fully considered in the planning process. We can look at an example of an insurance company. The person in charge of the company plans to increase the volume of business in the coming year by providing network services 10%. They need to know if the existing IT infrastructure can provide support for such services, and how long it will take to build a new IT infrastructure and how much it costs.

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